The next time you go for a drive, walk the treadmill, or do housework, why not make it educational? Just pop your headphones in and dive into these fantastic and useful podcasts.

You’ll find everything from marketing to scaling to advertising, and so much more!

Afford Anything: Build a better life with Paula Pant

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I love Pant’s enthusiasm, wide variety of guests, and useful topics revolving around affordable ways to manage life, money, and career. Recommend as a general purpose podcast. Love it!

Paula Pant

I Will Teach You to be Rich with Ramit Sethi 

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I first came across Sethi’s TV show and loved it. And I later picked up his book and have been working through it. I like his no-nonsense approach to money matters as well as his “set it and forget it” method of money management. Considering I’m always pressed for time, this is the sort of system I can get behind. Sethi’s podcast features interviews with couples that are also eye-opening and educational. Recommend!

Rami Sethi

Creating Confidence with Heather Monahan

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Marketing can be difficult if you lack the confidence to get out there and start sharing about your business with others. That’s where Heather comes in. She’s got wonderful advice on how to build your confidence. Don’t miss this one. Recommend!

Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner

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I’ve been following Stelzner on social media sites, and I’ve always found the articles insightful and useful. If you need to brush up on the latest industry news as well as marketing tips and tricks, definitely give this podcast a follow. Recommended!

Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

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Pat Flynn is engaging to listen to and his podcast is chock full of fascinating guests and helpful advice on a variety of topics.

Absolutely recommended if you’re looking for ways to expand your reach and learn about passive income ideas.

smart passive income podcast with pat flynn.

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