Set up PayPal auto transfer

I use PayPal on the daily for things like receiving payments from clients, paying subcontractors for services rendered, and paying vendors for software, plugins, assets, and the like. If you use PayPal for similar reasons, and you’re anything like me, you may often forget to check your PayPal account on a consistent basis when you get busy with work projects.

Did you know PayPal offers an auto transfer option that can automate the process of transferring funds to your other bank accounts? You can choose the frequency and PayPal handles the process without you needing to login and manage it manually.

Auto transfers likely work best for users who don’t tend to keep a running PayPal balance as well as those who use PayPal for more of their banking needs than simple sending and receiving of funds.
Below are the quick and easy steps to set it up.

PayPal auto deposit to bank

Once logged into your account, you’ll be on your Home dashboard page.

Just beneath your PayPal balance and Transfer Money button, you’ll see the textual link “Set up auto transfers.”

Click on “Set up auto transfers.”

PayPal Set up auto transfers

On the Turn on automatic transfer page, you’ll have a few options to consider. Choose a frequency that works best for your businesses needs. The options go from monthly all the way down to daily.

I waffled between weekly and twice a week, as I wanted to strike a balance between having a steady stream of funds coming into my main business checking account and not having a bunch of extra transactions I would need to process on the bookkeeping end of things. In the end, I chose weekly.

PayPal Automatic Transfer

You’ll also be able to choose the amount you want to transfer each time. You can either transfer the entire balance or leave a minimum balance in your PayPal account each time a transfer occurs.

Notice the fine print in the screenshot above. “Activating your automatic transfer may take 1-2 business days” and “Transfers usually take 3-5 business days and vary by bank.” Keep these caveats in mind if you choose to set up auto transfers in PayPal to ensure you have enough to cover expenses, etc.

Auto transfer from PayPal to bank account

Click on the blue “Turn on automatic transfer” button to complete the initial set up of PayPal Auto Transfers.
One of the benefits of turning on this feature is to potentially avoid PayPal locking up your funds for months should you have a disgruntled customer who does a chargeback, a scammer accesses your account, etc. I have seen this occur with other small business owners in my industry, and it can be scary no having access to a main income while PayPal slowly investigates claims.

This is why I always choose to transfer my entire balance to my main bank account each time, and why I do so frequently. Setting up auto transfers can protect both your income and your time. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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